“We The People”

Is a Group of concerned Citizens spreading the Truth about Islam and its detrimental effects on not only the USA, but the rest of the world. There is a scripture where it is written:

Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of me. Because you rejected that knowledge, I will reject you as a priest for me. Since you forget the Law of your God, I will also forget your children.

So, because of the ignorance of God’s Laws and Teachings. He is turning His back on the USA.

There is a small remnant of His People who still acknowledge Him and His ways and our Goal is to reach the masses, first here in USA, then to the rest of the world. Goal being to get people to turn back to The Lord Our God.

For Great is He and as it was in the beginning of this Great Nation, when our Forefathers first forged the Union based upon The Constitution, The Next greatest document ever written, second only to The Word of God itself. So it can be and should be once more, so when people say “God Bless America,” it will actually be substantative and not hollow, empty words only.


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